Fingerprint identification solution

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Fingerprint recognition refers to the identification by comparing the detailed feature points of different fingerprints. Because everyone's fingerprints are different, that is, between the fingers of the same person, fingerprints are also distinct, so fingerprints can be used for identification. Through the continuous accumulation of technology in the field of fingerprint recognition has achieved fruitful results and development. The application of fingerprint recognition is very broad, in the enterprise attendance, intelligent community, fingerprint lock market is developing rapidly. In addition to the application of enterprise attendance and intelligent community, fingerprint identification technology is also widely used in the judicial field, financial field and other large public projects. In addition, fingerprint identification technology has also been innovatively applied to fingerprint payment, car fingerprint anti-theft, fingerprint UKEY, fingerprint IC card and even passport, visa, ID card and other very important management system, bearing the automatic identity recognition function based on large-scale database.

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