• Medical solutions

    Medical solutions

    This product is a 5G, 8-core intelligent medical test information collection product, suitable for indoor and outdoor wireless wired. Part of the nucleic acid, identity information collection, electronic sentinel and other information collection machines
  • Industrial solutions

    Industrial solutions

    Used for heavy industry factory operations, because in the new line of each complex environment construction links are carried out in the field factory operations, the site of the working environment is more harsh, vibration, rain, dust, direct sunlight,
  • Consumer solutions

    Consumer solutions

    Chuanyin International Technology is dedicated to the development of consumer products, regular 7 ", 8 ", 9 ", 10.1 "and more than 10" large size projects. Custom mold, universal mold, personalized mold products are rich.
  • Iris recognition solution

    Iris recognition solution

    Iris recognition technology is based on the iris in the eye for identity recognition. After the formation of the iris in the fetal development stage, it will remain unchanged throughout the life course. These features determine the uniqueness of the iris
  • Face recognition solution

    Face recognition solution

    Face recognition is a kind of biometric identification technology based on human facial features. A series of related technologies that use cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in
  • Fingerprint identification solution

    Fingerprint identification solution

    Fingerprint recognition refers to the identification by comparing the detailed feature points of different fingerprints. Because everyone's fingerprints are different, that is, between the fingers of the same person, fingerprints are also distinct, so fin